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So To Speak

STS / Mattson 2 , Episode #1 from lenny gonzalez on Vimeo.

Note from the Mattson 2: A good friend and blogger Lenny Gonzalez runs a series of online T.V. episodes called “So To Speak”. In them he interviews composers about their song making process, and their various philosophies that inform their works and performance practices. In addition to the interviews he also films the artists in action. We, the Mattson 2, are honored to be featured this week on his blog. Please check it out when you get a chance, as a lot of time went into preparing these. Filmed on location in San Francisco and Oakland.

Here is the sequence:
1) Monday April 2, Jonathan talks about finding his voice on the drum kit
2) Tuesday April 3, Jared talks about his approach to the guitar
3) Wednesday April 4, Mattson 2 talks about Workers Union
4) Thursday April 5, Jared talks about how playing “ASK” came about
5) Friday April 6, “Black Rain”(acoustic performance)

See the full series here:


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