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Mumlers Tour in June/July

*June 18, 2011—–The Partisan—–Merced, CA

*June 19, 2011—–The Casbah—–San Diego, CA/tickets

June 20, 2011—–Commonwealth Lounge—–Fullerton, CA

*June 21, 2011—–The Echo—–Los Angeles, CA/tickets

*June 22, 2011—–The Crepe Place—–Santa Cruz, CA/tickets

June 23, 2011—–Sam Bond’s Garage—–Eugene, OR

*June 24, 2011—–Mississippi Studios—–Portland, OR/tickets

*June 25, 2011—–Red Room—–Kennewick, WA/tickets

*June 26, 2011—–Media Club—–Vancouver, BC/tickets

*June 27, 2011—–Neumo’s—–Seattle, WA/tickets

June 30, 2011—–The Avalon—–Santa Clara, CA with los Amigos Invisibles

July 1, 2011—–The Uptown—–Oakland, CA

July 15, 2011—–Wente Winery—–Livermore, CA

July 16th—–The Independent—–San Francisco, CA/ tickets

*opening for Two Gallants

Also, Will Sprott solo shows:

May 29, 2011—–Boom Boom Room—–San Francisco, CA

June 1, 2011—–The Make-Out Room—–San Francisco, CA

June 12, 2011—–UC Berkeley Botanical Garden—–Berkeley, CA

July 6, 2011—–The Garage—–San Jose, CA


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