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Artist The Photographic

An instrumental rock duo out of Louisville, Ky – began creating music in February of 2003. Guitarist, Jamey See Tai, and drummer, Chad Blevins, originally met two years earlier at Chad’s school through a mutual friend in study hall. They hit it off immediately. Jamey and Chad regularly got together with a few other friends to play music throughout the summer of 2002. In the fall of that same year, Chad spent three months at a school in Mexico. Upon return, Chad and Jamey formed the Photographic, which at that time included one melodic guitar and drums, and today has evolved into several looped guitar sounds, synth and drums. They wrote, played and practiced in Chad’s parents’ basement for seven months before playing their first show with friends Unwed Sailor. Unwed Sailor came to Louisville in August of 2003 with indie-rock trio, The Naysayer, and asked the Photographic to play a short opener. After four years, the Photographic has shared the stage with Louisville compatriots VHS or Beta and The Shipping News, as well as The Apples in Stereo, The Gossip, Snowden, Dead Meadow, Jennifer Gentle, Hawthorne Heights, Early Day Miners, Comets on Fire, Ungdomskulen and Viva Voce. the Photographic’s live show is less like your typical indie-rock concert and more like a visual performance. The music acts as a sort of soundtrack to a series of random video images that are projected in between the duo by Jamey’s brother, Jesse See Tai. The setting is absolutely beautiful as the grainy, black and white images begin to scroll in front of your eyes, and Jamey begins to pluck out an enchanting, chimey introduction that seems to warm your inner being. The music begins to build as Jamey loops the different guitar parts, and Chad gently taps the ends of his sticks on the cymbals. It grows into a melodic driving melody with booming beats and driving guitar melodies, and Jesse’s beautifully edited images seem to directly correlate and sync up to the Photographic’s mind altering sound. The show continues to escalate on in this manner with no breaks between songs, giving the audience no time to escape the captivating, sensory rich environment the Photographic create. Their music and images build into a dynamic crescendo, exploding into the ears and eyes of listeners and onlookers. Once their performance peaks to its highest point, the Photographic’s music thunders out as Jesse’s video fades, leaving the audience with an alluring satisfaction. the Photographic’s debut album, Pictures of a Changing World, is set for release on March 11th, 2008 on Galaxia Records. Artist and filmmaker, Thomas Campbell, features the Photographic’s song, “Night Noise,” in his most recent movie trailer for “The Present.”

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