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Galaxia Albums

Year of the Monkey

Tommy Guerrero

Year of the Monkey is the latest from Tommy Guerrero, the steeped-in-soul multi-talented instrumentalist and ex-world famous skateboard god. Both prolific and stylish, Guerrero has birthed more than a few LPs, EPs, singles and collaborative pieces over the past decade, both as soloist and group member, all have earned him a healthy dose of critical acclaim and the reputation of a bluesy, funky and certainly soulful soundtrack man for the back streets of the world.

YOTM finds Guerrero moving in subtle new directions without losing the firm stance he’s long held in the thick clay of the earth — a more layered and complex blend; a faster pace and a driven feel; and a slightly less organic/acoustic sound in favor of a more synthesized and electronic one. With both a harder edge and a more postmodern vibe, Guerrero offers something different this time around, while still handling all aspects with his unmistakable signature style. Year of The Monkey is the perfect backdrop to the best late night you’ve ever had.

Track List

  1. Archaic Days
  2. Dead Waters
  3. Knives Fighting Guns
  4. Spider and the Monkey
  5. By Fist and Fury
  6. Shell Worn Thin


  • Ray Barbee


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