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Galaxia Albums

Ray Barbee Meets The Mattson 2

Ray Barbee & The Mattson 2

The Mattson 2 have been playing together since they were conceived–as it should be for twins–and they’ve been playing their brand of jazz for nearly as long. The idea that Ray Barbee, guitarist extraordinaire, should team up with the Mattsons gestated much more recently. Both the twins and Barbee share a lot of commonalities: clean, fluid musicianship, a love of jazz in all its forms, and recording for Galaxia. It seemed inevitable that sooner or later they would collaborate on something special.

So, how did they meet? Barbee would be playing a show with his own band and every now and then the Mattsons would also happen to play the same gig–so a mutual appreciation soon developed. As the twins started recording the songs that would become Introducing the Mattson 2, they kicked around the idea to have Barbee play on a track for the record. That initial recording went so well that the three began to write and practice with a whole album in mind. This is the result.

This release includes a limited-edition bonus DVD titled How Did that explores the meeting and collaboration between Barbee and the Mattson 2. Directed by Tyler Manson ( / and featuring Thomas Campbell, Tommy Guerrero, and Geoff Mcfetridge, this mini-documentary includes interviews, footage of the making of the album, live performances, and the history of Galaxia Records.

Barbee has two solo releases, Triumphant Procession and In Full View, as well as two with Blktop Project (with Guerrero, Matt Rodriguez, and Chuck Treece). This is second release for the Mattson 2.

Track List

  1. How You Doin, Here We Go
  2. Yeppers
  3. Short Strokes
  4. Canoe and You
  5. Speaker Breaker
  6. Waiting to Breeve
  7. The Mingle
  8. Cheeks
  9. Under the Rug
  10. Maiden Voyage


  • Ray Barbee
  • Jared Mattson
  • Jonathan Mattson


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  • Mark Finster
    3083 days ago

    Never written an album review before, so I’ll keep it very simple: This is 44 minutes of surf rock bliss.

    No seriously – you can have this on in the background while cooking, working, driving… whatever it may be. Deserves more attention!