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Galaxia Albums

Pictures Of A Changing World

The Photographic

The Photographic, an instrumental rock duo out of Louisville, Kentucky comprised of guitarist Jamey See Tai and drummer Chad Blevins, began creating music in February 2003. At first, the group included one melodic guitar and drums, and since has evolved into several looped guitars, synth, and drums. They wrote and practiced in Blevins’s parents’ basement for seven months before playing their first show with Unwed Sailor. During the past four years, the Photographic has shared the stage with Louisville compatriots VHS or Beta and The Shipping News, as well as The Naysayer, Apples in Stereo, The Gossip, Snowden, Dead Meadow, Jennifer Gentle, Hawthorne Heights, Early Day Miners, Comets on Fire, Ungdomskulen, and Viva Voce. Their live show is no typical indie rock concert; it is a visual performance, with the music doubling as a soundtrack to a sequence of random video images projected between the band by the guitarist’s brother, Jesse See Tai.

Galaxia founder and filmmaker Thomas Campbell features the Photographic’s “Night Noise” in the trailer to his most recent film, The Present.

Track List

  1. Inception
  2. Millie Rode to Heaven On the Back of an Orca
  3. Directions
  4. Secure
  5. Lost In a Daydream
  6. Bridge Runs
  7. We Were Fed Poisoned Bread
  8. Glass Saviour
  9. Night Noise
  10. Up In the Clock Tower...
  11. A Contrivance


  • Jamey See Tai (guitar)
  • Chad Blevins (drums)


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