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Galaxia Albums

Missing Dragons

A Grape Dope

A Grape Dope (known forthwith as AGD) is the offshoot, beat-oriented, slow jam, and otherwise selector (after some stumbling), brain-damaged child of John Herndon. Mr. Herndon spends the majority of his time spinning yarns for the groups Tortoise, Isotope 217, and The Eternals. AGD finds joy in the sounds between the cracks. Inspired by the breath of a two-headed garbage dog and their fearless mistress, AGD found beats where there were none and sorrow in our collective happiness, and vice versa. Guests include DoseOne (anticon) on “Red Hat Attack,” Kathryn Frazier, Sally Timms on “When You Crash and Burn.” Star through, up in the middle and back. Boys rock your Girls; last night a square dance caller saved my life. [A Grape Dope’s] bass-heavy, dub-influenced … music … just flows. Its sound is incredible, so full-bodied and so low it shakes your insides.… Clicks, words, keyboards, noise, beats, electric guitar are only there as accents.… [It] may sound like dub, but it is also obviously influenced by jazz: the bass melody does not concentrate on carrying the groove but rather finding it and keeping it continuously evolving; the squiggles dance around the bass playing off of it, not just there for decoration. —Jim Steed,

Track List

1. action: showered us
2. when you crash and burn
3. red hat attack feat. dose one
4. inaction: shodowed us
5. i'll spread it
6. hellz bellz


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