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Galaxia Albums

Manic Expressive

Her Space Holiday

Over a year in the making, Manic Expressive is richer in electronic soundscapes and orchestral arrangements than any previous HSH release. The album is able to adeptly combine soothing vocal deliveries with experimental IDM, drum ‘n bass and ambient electronica in a way that very few artists have been able to accomplish. Manic Expressivedemonstrates just how far Marc Bianchi was able to take his unique style of bedroom electro/pop from the early days of HSH, and features artwork from Shynola.

Track List

1. manic expressive (enter)
2. lydia
3. the ringing in my ears
4. polar opposite
5. key stroke
6. spectator spot
7. hassle free harmony
8. perfect on paper
9. manic expressive (exit)


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