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Galaxia Albums

Loose Grooves & Bastard Blues

Tommy Guerrero

Special anniversary re-issue edition – now with barcode, new artwork and limited edition Tommy G guitar pick! “The debut album from renowned skateboard rider Guerrero takes off on a fusionistic ride of acid jazz, trip hop, rock and downtempo groove. Called by critics a cross between Beck and Santana which just goes to show you…”

Track List

  1. B.W.'s Blues
  2. So Blue It's Black
  3. Keep On Keepin' On
  4. Azule
  5. Black Sheep Blues
  6. Thirty
  7. Pollo Caliente
  8. Never
  9. Solow
  10. Introspection Section
  11. Gone Again
  12. In My Head
  13. Soul Miner


  • Tommy Guerrero


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