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Galaxia Albums

In Full View

Ray Barbee

Ray’s new album In Full View with its uplifting, jazz influenced, instrumental tracks, continues right where he left off with the well received EP Triumphant Procession. All the tracks were written and played by Ray, with a few guest appearances. Doug Scharin (Him, June of 44, Mice Parade,etc.) played drums on 3 tracks. Carlos de la Garza (ex-Reel Big Fish) played drums on a track. The CD includes two videos, “Afroca”, directed by skateboard photographer/director Jon Humphries and “Taking Liberties”, which is footage from a Barbee Japan tour, directed by Hero Studios.

Track List

  1. There's a Proper Time and Procedure for Every Matter
  2. Find Enjoyment
  3. Good Hope
  4. A Man's Wisdom Gives Him Patience
  5. Encouraged by Improvement
  6. The Limitations Are Beautiful
  7. In Full View
  8. Another Perspective
  9. Taking Liberties
  10. Reckless Confidence


  • Ray Barbee


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  • Andrew
    2955 days ago

    Just can’t get enough of this!
    Really really good!