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Galaxia Albums

Eternally Teenage

Tomorrows Tulips

Tomorrows Tulips’ Alex Knost is one of those people that can do whatever he sets his mind out to do.

Now 25 years old, Knost started The Japanese Motors with his friend Nolan when he was 17… and they didn’t know how to play. But with solid determination, eventually they learned and signed to Vice Records and toured the world with bands like Modest Mouse, The Growlers, White Lies, and others. Eventually though, the band dynamic died and then as an exercise in freedom, Knost wrote some songs and started a band with his girlfriend Christina Kee. Kee’s drumming style, intentionally simplistic, has primal rhythmic nature to it, emphasizing rhythm over dynamics. Knost and Kee are Tomorrows Tulips, whose debut full length album Eternally Teenage is out July 19th, 2011 via Galaxia Records on cd, vinyl, and digital download. The first single is the title track, and is available now as a free download.

Right after forming and playing a handful of live shows, the duo went into Mike McHugh’s analog studio The Distillery in Costa Mesa, CA, and recorded a hand full of demos. They were simple. Sparse. Immediate. Fucked up. But… catchy, with a simple honesty. The demos got into the hands of Galaxia Records, and the beginnings of Eternally Teenage began to take shape. After a botched session at a different studio, Knost and Kee went back to The Distillery to make what would become the final version of Eternally Teenage. Mike McHugh, who has recorded the likes of The Black Lips, Vivian Girls, Crocodiles, Harlem, and more, worked with Tomorrows Tulips and put his analog stamp on the final result. The band chose to keep a few of the original demo recordings from the first recording session to round out the album, with the newer sessions being recorded on 16 track analog tape, recorded live together in the room.”It was the first time the experience felt congealed and unfiltered,” according to Knost.

Between the quirky instrumental interludes, the hypnotic drug born soundscapes, and the Knost’s wide range vocal stunt work, Tomorrows Tulips have created an album that, quite simply, get stuck in your head for weeks. The first single “Eternally Teenage” is proof of that. Beyond that though, at it’s core, Eternally Teenage is an addictive offering of crisply, blissful doo wop with shades of garage, drones, and crooning that complete the picture. Tomorrows Tulips will be doing a live dates later later this summer.


  • Christina Kee
  • Alex Knost


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